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Apple Buys Machine Learning Company Inductiv for Data Used in Siri

In Past Few Years, Apple Bought Numerous of Artificial Intelligence Technologies . And Now Apple Bought Inductiv, a Machine Learning Start up Company, For Improving their User Based Data for Siri. Recently, The Ontario Based Inductiv Joined Apple for working on Siri, Machine Learning and Data Science. And After that Apple Made a Decision of […]

No, There is NO Evidence of a Parallel Universe Where Time Runs Backwards

Last Thursday, My Friend Shared a Post through Instagram DM which has written, We Found a Parallel Universe where Time Runs Backward. And I Was like. Wait a Minute Let me Check about the authenticity. As Normally I don’t believe in those kind of unofficial Post. Because they are Mostly made for getting likes and […]

Different Types of Artificial Intelligence Technology Redefined

Market Analysts are Predicting that an Artificial Intelligence Technology Revolution is Nearby and AI can Have a Market of $15.7 Trillion By 2030 Around the Globe. There are Different Types of Artificial Intelligence Technology which we learn later on. From Medical Offices to our Homes AI Machines will take over every place. AI Market is […]

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems Still Need Human Oversight

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Our Working Environment Has Changed. We are using AI more than Ever. But There are Also Drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning if they are not done with an oversight of Humans. We Feed Data in a System and Expect it to Make Assumptions According to it. But We […]

Tesla Battery Investor Day Delayed for One Month

Tesla Battery Investor Day is now Delayed for one Month, Elon musk founder of Tesla Corporation tweeted Last night while replying to a user about the Launch event. Investors are keen to know about what tesla will bring through Battery Day. As they are in a Hope of Long Range Battery Life and Fast Charging. […]

Airbus to use Sensor Devices which can Smell Explosives and Diseases

Airbus is going to introduce a New Technology which can detect Explosives and Diseases by Sniffing through Living Biological Cells. It’s a jelly fish like shaped Devices which can detect viruses, and molecules present in the air within 10 Seconds. It will be helpful in detecting viruses such as coronavirus because till now we don’t […]

Asian Murder Hornet, Everything You Need to know about the Japanese Giant Hornet

First Asian Murder Hornet spotted in United States last Saturday. When the Twitter was trending with murder hornet Hashtag after a news article published by Newyork Times. Murder Hornet nickname was also given by the NY times. But what is the Ground Reality of Murder Hornet Species. Are they Harmful For Humans? Up to an […]

Remdesivir Drug Cure for Coronavirus? Claims by Gilead Sciences


Gilead Sciences World is Fighting Against The Noble Coronavirus Covid-19, Through Lockdown and Self Quarantine For Stoping it. From Spreading. But Till yet there is no Medicine for the Disease. Research’s are being done by scientist , but there is no proper evidence that which drug will work on the patients. As people with weak […]

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