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Apple Store Looters Won’t Be Able to Use Stolen Devices

In the Meantime of Pandemic and a Revolution For The Support of Black People in The United States. Some Used Protest as a Way of Looting Apple Stores. But Recently Apple Claimed that Stolen Devices Won’t Work. As They all Are only for Demo. And Configured with Unable to Factory Reset Option. Looters were Probably […]

Apple Buys Machine Learning Company Inductiv for Data Used in Siri

In Past Few Years, Apple Bought Numerous of Artificial Intelligence Technologies . And Now Apple Bought Inductiv, a Machine Learning Start up Company, For Improving their User Based Data for Siri. Recently, The Ontario Based Inductiv Joined Apple for working on Siri, Machine Learning and Data Science. And After that Apple Made a Decision of […]

Samsung Galaxy S20 Update with Camera Improvements and Security

Samsung Galaxy S20 Major Camera Update is Now Available For Devices Running on T-Mobile and Sprint’s Network in The United States. This Update came Last week with Major Focus on Camera Improvements and Security Patches. If You Have one, then Don’t Forget to Update. In Some Countries Update has been Already Available in the Beginning […]

Apple iOS Update 13.5 with Face ID and Covid-19 Contact Tracing Feature

Today, Apple Released iOS 13.5 update for iPhone & iPads. It will Include Improvements such as Bug Fixes, Face id Working While Wearing a Face Mask with Covid-19 Contact Tracing Feature by Help of Official App. You can Install the Update Right now by going to Settings > General > Software Update and following the prompts.  It will […]

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems Still Need Human Oversight

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Our Working Environment Has Changed. We are using AI more than Ever. But There are Also Drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning if they are not done with an oversight of Humans. We Feed Data in a System and Expect it to Make Assumptions According to it. But We […]

Facebook Bought Giphy The GIF Generator Website For $400 million

Facebook Bought Giphy The GIF Generator Website for $400 million. As Giphy was already the part of Instagram But it was completely on Their own Servers. When I used to send some of those GIF Through Instagram Inbox then I Always Thought that why it take so much time to load. But Very Soon, Facebook […]

Google Chrome Update For Better and Extended Battery Life

Which Browser you Use in Your Daily Life? Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari ? Well I Personally use Google Chrome and its one of the most reliable Browser in Terms of Accessing Websites. It has advantage of Desktop Mode. Because in other browser I always had problems. Either they Didn’t work with page loading or A […]

Sony 4k Camera Image Sensors will Feature AI with Machine Learning

Sony Has Been Launching Smart Camera’s for over years & now they are working on Sony 4k Camera AI Technology. Which can Sense the information present in front of them such as number of persons standing, Identification of faces with the Data Present in the system. Sony 4k Camera Image Sensor, IMX500 and IMX501 will […]

What is Apple Mini LED, How it will change the Future of Display Screens

Screen Display Technology Evolved over Years and Now we have LCD Display. Technologies from our Smartphones to the Large Display Banners. Apple is Secretly Working on a New Technology named As Apple Mini LED Display. This will be a part of iPhones, Macbook, iPads etc. LED Displays are one of the long lasting, Reliable, cheap […]

Complete Wireless Charging of Smartphones, Now Possible with NFC

Everyone ever thought about a wireless charging idea but the first one to implement this idea is NFC Forum. It is a Global Company for setting up the global standard for Near Field Communication Devices. NFC Introduces Wireless Charging Specification as a Technology to Charge Small Devices wirelessly with upto 1 watt of Power which is […]

Super Mario 64 Released By Fans with 4k Resolution and without Emulator for PC

Players and Fans have been modding Super Mario 64 for years now. But there was never a smoother version of the game on Internet as it’s available for now. Nintendo is on a Hunt for finding the Game online Because its not a Official Release and Against Nintendo Policies. Anonymously A Fan made Version of […]

Intel Buys Moovit Transit and Navigation app for $900 million

Intel Buys Moovit a Israel based company started back in 2012 with its Transit Urban Mobility Feature. It is widely used by 800 Million users in 102 Different Countries. Moovit is not only one application which is Transit and Navigation based. We all have Google maps with number one priority. Moovit can also be describe […]

Airbus to use Sensor Devices which can Smell Explosives and Diseases

Airbus is going to introduce a New Technology which can detect Explosives and Diseases by Sniffing through Living Biological Cells. It’s a jelly fish like shaped Devices which can detect viruses, and molecules present in the air within 10 Seconds. It will be helpful in detecting viruses such as coronavirus because till now we don’t […]

Apple New Macbook Pro 2020 Leaks Updated, Bigger Screen Size & Specs

Covid-19 has changed many things but only one thing which remained same yet is Apple Releasing New Products. As Apple Already Launched its iPhone SE 2 in Between the Covid-19 Lockdown. Now The Leading Manufacturer of Smartphones and Laptop is working on Its New Macbook Pro 2020. Where the Macbook Pro 2020 leaks are comes […]

HBO Max Pre Order Cheaper than Netflix Standard Subscription 27 May

HBO Max an upcoming Streaming on Demand Service by Warner Media Entertainment & a division of AT&T’s now giving HBO Max Pre order for only $12. Which is even cheaper than the Leading Streaming Service Netflix’s Standard Subscription Plan Recently Netflix Crossed 15 Millions Subscribers on its streaming platform. HBO Max will be a Direct […]

Apple Watch Series 6 May Help You in Anxiety, Leaks

Watch series 6

Recently, Apple Watch Series Completed their 5 Years of Journey. And Now we have recent leaks of apple Watch Series 6 which may hit the market very soon or in anytime. This Time Apple Added Health Concious Features in their Watch Series. Leaks were Given by a YouTuber Nikias Molina on Her Twitter Account and […]

Biggest Decline Ever in Worldwide Smartphone Sales of 2020

Biggest Decline Ever in Worldwide Smartphone Sales of 2020 We can see Covid-19 impact all over the world, & this time it hits the smartphone sector really hard. As Analyst Revealed that 2020 is year of Biggest Decline Ever in the Sales of Smartphones. Sales Declined by Around 11 to 15 Percent in comparison to […]

Walmart Two Hour ‘Express Delivery’ Across Thousand Stores in United States

Walmart Leveled up their Delivery Options for the customers who are not able to go outside from their homes. As Now they are Providing Two Hour Express Delivery Across their Thousand of Stores present in United States. Now You don’t have to go outside by risking your life and Others. Check Your Location Availability by […]

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