The entire team at TypeTheta is seriously looking for an individual to join our team as a volunteer Content writer to help in researching and writing quality contents for our Website.

Being a TypeTheta Writer, you should be someone who has a passion for research on trends as well as interesting topics that would produce an absorbing material.

Apply as Volunteer Writer

We don’t need any kind of article but relevant and high-quality articles around the globe be it Science, News, Lifestyle, Tech, Automobile, Entertainment, Space, Research, Education, Political, Any article relating to our focus arrears.

This is a full volunteer position and therefore applicant would not be paid for their service. What you will receive by joining our team as a blog writer is a recognition and platform for your writing – your work will be accessed and viewed by our Thousands of daily visitors on our website.

Benefits of Writing An Article

Apply as Volunteer Writer

1. You Can Share Your Thoughts with Millions of People.

2. Be a Global Influencer.

3. Let Your Thoughts Be Free, Share Your Work with your Friends & Family.

4. Sponsored with Author Column

Apply as Volunteer Writer

Eligibility For Submitting An Article

1. It must be Original, As we Check Every Article with our Plagiarism Tool.

2. It must be of Minimum 400 words.

3. We will Send You an Email For Whether Your Article is Approved or not.

How To Apply :

If you would like to apply, please Send an email with Your Self Written Article to with your Name, Bio and Display Picture.