Kentucky Flood Havoc 2022

Kentucky Flood Havoc 2022

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Hi my name is Arunima Mridha.Just completed graduation in literature from Jadavpur University. Never giving up have been my motto in life for a long time

St.Louis faced a flash flood a few days back and it continued for days, one soul lost its life to it, and now Kentucky. Kentucky hasn’t seen a flood like this since 1981. Homes were swept away, and 15 people are found dead by the report. The north fork Kentucky river overtopped its level causing havoc on both sides of the bank.

The river is around 18 feet in 10 hours. And it kept rising until 10 am in the morning.

The report said that it was the second wettest day since 1981.

4.26inches of rainfall caused this havoc, but at the end of July and August, it is average.

Caused flooding over the bridges made it impassable for vehicles.

Southeastern Virginia is facing more rainfall than Kentucky, 6-9inches. They are also facing havoc but not as this.

Kentucky mayor expressed his concern for the lost families those who have lived there for more than 70years. Families lost their members, and a few families are totally been swept away along with their homes, till now 15 people are dead confirmed, others are still missing.

President Biden has approved a flood declaration for Kentucky.

Jackson is the hardest hit flood area earlier this week.

The heavy rainfall will start from Sunday to Monday, which may cause a more devastating situation.

Heavy rainfall caused a power cut and more than 24000 people are without power at the moment.

Kentucky government Andy Beshear told the news that more than people have lost their lives due to floods in the eastern part of his state and the number may rise if the rescue team doesn’t reach on time. The rescue has been trying to reach but the roads are totally washed out, so it may take time.

The flood caused so much destruction that it may take a year to rebuild it.

Last two days St.Louis faced 13inches and 24-hour rainfall that caused chaos in the community.

Flood is causing drinking water to be polluted.

How to prevent flood-

  1. Managing river banks thoroughly
  2. Creating more barrages to hold the rainwater so that it doesn’t cause havoc in the community.
  3. Plant more large root trees that will hold the soil for good.
  4. More rescue team, just in case anything devastating happens
  5. More life-saving boats, so that in case roads are blocked they can reach the spot.
  6. More under sewage system that so even there is way more water than can community can stop coming near the houses.
  7. Improve flood warning mechanism
  8. Alert system near the riverside communities so that the blaring of the siren can alert them before hand.

Hi my name is Arunima Mridha.Just completed graduation in literature from Jadavpur University. Never giving up have been my motto in life for a long time