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Apple Without Steve Jobs, We Miss You Legend, iPhone 12

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Apple Stock Prices Fall for Around 4 % After the Launch Event of Apple iPhone 12. We all are disappointed, And through Disappointment I Personally Missing my Legend Steve Jobs. I Feel that Apple is For now Using their Customer Loyalty for some kind of greed, As it’s my personal opinion.

Why Steve Jobs Created Apple inc. ? For Doing Innovative, Something New For which world is in Need. He

was Interested in Innovation, Technology Like Macintosh, Pixar, Ipod. He was a critical Thinker.

Steve Jobs with Macintosh

And that’s why we have ” Think Different” Tagline. We all Feel That Apple is not carrying the footsteps of our beloved Steve Jobs. It’s only Focussed on those devices which are Introduced Decades Ago. Mobile and Laptops.

We all know Steve was never Interested in Money, It was not his Goal. You Think That Steve Would Allow iPhone From 6 to 12 ?


I Don’t Think that he was a fan of Continues Series of a Product. He Introduced Macintosh when World was in need of Computer. He gave Iphone when mobile phones used to be a device only for voice calling. Ipod for music. Different Products, He never Reliead on One Product.

What Apple is Doing now is Highly Criticized by the Apple Fans. It’s not about the Expectation, Its about the behavior. Apple Discontinued Boxes, Charging Adapter and Charging Cable For every New iPhone.

Instead of Solving a Problem, Apple is creating them. Even After Paying more than $1000 What we have a phone without charger. I Will go with iPhone 11 Pro Instead with iPhone 12.

iPhone 4 and iPhone 12

Just for a boxy Design why should I pay More? If they are not giving Charger, At least they should have lowered the Price. Even Samsung Trolled Apple Through Their Tweet that we are Giving charger and 120hz screen with earphones in our Galaxy.

Samsung Tweet After Apple Event

That’s not Something which Steve Expected. Steve Dedicated All His Life for Better Products For Future of Apple. I Don’t Need a Particular Day for missing our Legend, Its like Feeling His absence in Every Second.


People are Narrow Minded, They More Love Sarcasm than the Reality. They Are more Focused on Money Rather than innovation. “Think Different” was made for every person who thinks and take this world in a different manner. For Changing it, For Evolution of Technology.


It was all end with steve, Years ago.

In the End. Please Remember Steve. His Vision, His Ideas, His Way of Thinking. Miss You Legend ♥️

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