1.6$ Million, World's Fastest Car Record, SSC Tuatara with Speed of 508.73 km per Hour | TypeTheta

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1.6$ Million, World’s Fastest Car Record, SSC Tuatara with Speed of 508.73 km per Hour

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  • 1750 Horsepower, 5.8 Liter, Twin Turbo Charged V8 Engine.
  • Only 100 Cars are Available with Price of 1.6$ Million Each
  • Previous World Record was of Bugatti Chiron, Super Sport’s with Speed of 490.48 Km/hr

World Fastest Car Title is now Shifted From Buggati Chiron to SSC North America Tuatara. Its the only Fastest Car Ever Made which Crosses the Limit of 500 km/hr Speed Limit Record.

It can be the Next Evolution of cars

with Respect to Machine Dynamics. As Buggati was number one from past many years and there was no Competition against it.


SSC North America only Made 100 Cars & They will be very Special But Still They are Cheaper than Buggati Cheron 2019 as The Base Price is Set with 1.6 Million and It goes upto 1.9$ Depends upon the Varient.

One of the Toughest Thing for a Car like Buggati Cheron and SSC Tuatara is to maintain it’s Balance while going into that Speed. As the Thrust is very High and a Normal Design will Easily Swap Away through Air.


Hats off to the Engineers of SSC North America For Developing another Beast in the Car Market For Car Enthusiasm.

Hope Company will Carry on its Production from 100 to more Because People will love go own it. As For Now Only Hundred are Available.


The Car was Tested in Front of Two Representative of Guinness Book of World Record near Los Vegas . Its One of its Kind.

Hope, In Future There will be others which will beat the Benchmark of 500 km/hr for Sure.

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