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US Police Officials Need to Change Their Arrest Training

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A Video is Circulating on Social Media Platform, Where even after the Death of George Floyd. Some Police Officers are Still Using Knee on Neck For Making The Arrest of the Protestors.

US Police Department Should Change Their Way of Arresting an Accused.

As You Can See, Through The Body Language of the Police Officer, We can Find out, that The Police Officials are used to put up

their knee on the neck of accused. Where the Second police officer is moving out the knee of first officer, From the neck of accused.

The Video Remains Unidentified

There must Be New Rules Regarding the Procedure of Arrest and Some Guidelines Should be Clarified in this Behalf. Because Putting up a knee on the neck of accused is totally wrong & Can Block the Breathing Pathway of the Accused person. As We have seen in the case of George Floyd, Where He was Keep Saying “I Can’t Breath”.


Later the Accused Police Officer was Charged with Second Degree Murder. George Floyd was still be alive, If Necessary Precautions were taken by the police officials During His arrest.

It Pointed Out a Question Mark on How US Police Officials are Trained for making an Arrest. An Arrest Can be made even without Hurting the Accused. But Somehow US Police Officials are Failed For the Same.

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There are Many Videos where, Police Officials are Cooperating with General Public. But Some of other are also Disturbing.

Its a Time for the Law Making Bodies to Enact Rules Regarding the Code and Conduct of Police Officials while Dealing with an Arrest.

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And A Proper Training within a Proper Interval of Time Should be Given to the Police Officers.

Executive & Judiciary Have to be More Strict Towards the Police Brutality on Civilians. Nothing is Above the Law & Every Person should know that, Whether he is a Police Official or a Judicial Person.

From Arrest to Custody, Police Never Had a Right of Taking Someone’s Life. It’s The Duty of the Court to Determine the Offence and to Punish the Offender.

There Must be A Mental Ability Training for the Police Officials. As they have to be remain calm even when the situation is out of control.

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