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Apple Store Looters Won’t Be Able to Use Stolen Devices

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In the Meantime of Pandemic and a Revolution For The Support of Black People in The United States. Some Used Protest as a Way of Looting Apple Stores. But Recently Apple Claimed that Stolen Devices Won’t Work. As They all Are only for Demo.

And Configured with Unable to Factory Reset Option. Looters were Probably thought that they were getting away with grabbing an Expensive Thing. But they were unaware of

the fact that apple already Traced them.


The iPhones and Laptops Stolen from the Apple Stores were Equipped with Special Programs that works on a Preventive action Developed by the Manufacturer. This Makes them almost Useless.

The Looted Laptops and iPhone are displaying a Message that read as

“This device has been disabled and is being tracked. Local authorities will be alerted.”

Apple was Ready for any of these Attacks even Before. That’s why they Have Installed Special Programs. And Traced the persons who have looted the Apple Stores in L.A, Hopefully Apple Now Closed every retail store. As A Full Precaution Movement.

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George Floyd Protest are Everywhere in the United States, And People are coming Forward. At some places there was a Fight over Between Public and Police. But in Other parts of US, Police is Collaborating with Protestors.

While Safeguarding them From Any Harm. Indespite of the Anger. People are coming with some Messages and Their Viewpoints about the incident that took place in the United States.

Statistical Development Data about the Black and White People Living in the United States, is now shared through different sources. It’s a Fight for the Human Rights. As Every Person has a Right of Dignity.

Whether He is Black or White. Comment Down Your Views about the Incident.

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  1. We need to come together and unite but looting and stealing doesn’t unite and make things worse. Burning business and homes doesn’t unite anyone either. I hope Apple finds all their Demo products.

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