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What is Elon Musk Baby Name? How He Pronounced His Baby’s Name

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Elon Musk Baby Name is Æ A-12. Really, Don’t be Kidding. Tesla Fans across the world are surprised with elon musk first baby’s name. But How can we Pronounce Æ A-12? Well Elon said that his Baby’s name will be pronounced as X Ash Archangel Twelve. Not an Alien Language.

elon musk baby name
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But People are Saying that its Your Baby, Not another SpaceX rocket which you can fly among the sky elon. As Elon was Again and Again in News for His Tweets. Yes, His Back in Controversies. I don’t know why sometimes he is so frustrated that he said “I will move out my Tesla Headquarter out of California“.

Making Sense? No. Elon have to keep calm as World is Fighting against a Deadly Pandemic. We all need his Support and whom elon is Supporting? And the Answer is Protestors. Elon said in his statement that Lockdown is Against the Freedom of Human Beings.

But Elon Thought about the same before ? If he had concern over human rights. Or just He needs his production and work back in any Condition.

How Grimes Pronounce Her Baby’s Name?

elon musk baby name

Maybe Whatever the Situation. Lets come back to the Elon Musk baby name news. Yesterday, An Instagram User asked Elon’s wife Grimes that how will you pronounce Your Baby’s name.

Well She Said “It’s just X, like the letter X. Then A.I. Like how you said the letter A then I.”

I Personally Found it more cooler and Sensible version than the Elon Said Earlier. Just my Opinion.

elon musk baby name

According to Law, In California, You are Only Allowed to use Specific 26 Letters in the Alphabet for a Baby Name & Numbers, Roman numerals, emojis,or other symbols are not acceptable.

So its Clear That Elon musk baby was born outside California Because California have Strict Laws for Baby’s Names. Both Grimes and Elon Didn’t have Informed about where the child was born or in which State of USA.

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