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What is Apple Mini LED, How it will change the Future of Display Screens

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Screen Display Technology Evolved over Years and Now we have LCD Display. Technologies from our Smartphones to the Large Display Banners. Apple is Secretly Working on a New Technology named As Apple Mini LED Display. This will be a part of iPhones, Macbook, iPads etc.

LED Displays are one of the long lasting, Reliable, cheap and Easy to Repair Technology. Whereas Mini LED will be hard for Repairing work. LED is one of the Successful replacement of CCFL.

mini led apple

While Smartphones are using OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode. Apple is ready to adopt the new technology, which they developed by their own.

But there will be a delay in the Installation and launch of Mini Led in the upcoming iPhones and Macbooks.

What is Apple Mini Display Technology ?

mini led apple

Mini LED Technology will consist thousands of FALD ( Full Array Local Dimming ) zones. In Layman’s Language, There will be small LED’s installed for Every Pixel present in the Display.

Advantages of Apple Mini LED

mini led apple

Mini LED will provide Higher Brightness and Clear Picture Quality, while Balancing the Contrast Ratio and Image Colors. While it will save your iPhones or MacBook battery also.

Screen Technology is one of the reason for Higher Power Consumption, as this technology is based on micro LED’s installed in the display.

Recently NFC also Introduces a New Technology which can change the future of Wireless charging, with Wireless Charging Specification as a Technology to Charge Small Devices wirelessly with upto 1 watt of Power

mini led apple
  • Epistar and FitTech The leading Manufacturer Partner of Apple for the Development of Mini LED recently revealed, that they are all set for the mass production of the technology nearby third quarter of 2020.

Panel Assembly and Terminal Assembly Production will be followed by Fourth Quarter of 2020. Where the Updated Devices with Apple Mini LED will be available in first Quarter of 2021.

The analyst anticipates Apple’s Mini LED device shipments to experience rapid year over year growth of 300 Percent in 2021 and 225 Percent in 2022.

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