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Tesla Battery Investor Day Delayed for One Month

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Tesla Battery Investor Day is now Delayed for one Month, Elon musk founder of Tesla Corporation tweeted Last night while replying to a user about the Launch event. Investors are keen to know about what tesla will bring through Battery Day. As they are in a Hope of Long Range Battery Life and Fast Charging.

In 2019, During Autonomy Day of

Tesla Corporation Elon Musk Said that By Next Year tesla will bring a new Battery Technology which will last one million miles.

Tesla Battery Investor Day

Tesla Battery Investor day was Scheduled for a Launch in May. But Due to Covid-19 Tesla Delayed its Launch by One Month. Recently Elon Mask Warned Alabama County for reopening of Tesla Plant otherwise He will Move Tesla California Headquarters in Taxes.

Elon Musk was also in News for Naming His Baby with Numbers and Special Characters. Elon was in News Since the Covid-19 Pandemic. As He was Supporting the Protestors. He said that Lockdown is Against the Freedom of Human Beings.

Autonomous Electronic Vehicle Market

Tesla Battery Investor Day

Electronic Car Market is emerging Day by Day and People are moving more towards it. As it is the Renewable Source of Energy and Eco Friendly in Nature. People used to think that electronic cars can’t beat the Internal combustion engines. But Tesla Model 3 Proved by Accelerating 0 to 60 Miles in 3.2 Second.

Volvo and Intel Both has Plans for Launching Autonomous Driving Vehicle From Robo Taxis to Personal Vehicle. Electric Vehicle Technology is not far away as Already you can see Power Stations Across the United States for Charging of Electric Vehicles.

As Volvo Launched its Electronic Polestar 2 Whereas Intel Buys Route Navigation Application Moovit for making a start into the Automobile Sector.

A Chinese Company Xpeng is Also in the League where it claimed that their Xpeng P7 Sedan Can run for 704 km in One Charge. P7 was Launched in Between the Covid-19 Crisis. But they are Directly Competing against Tesla Model 3.

There was Also an Update By Tesla in All There Navigation System. Now a Tesla Car can Read Traffic Signs and Slow Down Automatically By Showing a notification Warning.

We Are moving into the Future with Less Pollution more Eco Friendly and Renewable Source of Energy. Elon Musk was one of the Leading Personality who Always Supported use of Electrical Energy. It Doesn’t matter how much people criticize him. But In Truly he was doing something for the future from the Beginning.

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