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Super Mario 64 Released By Fans with 4k Resolution and without Emulator for PC

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Players and Fans have been modding Super Mario 64 for years now. But there was never a smoother version of the game on Internet as it’s available for now. Nintendo is on a Hunt for finding the Game online Because its not a Official Release and Against Nintendo Policies.

Anonymously A Fan made Version of Super Mario 64 pops out in the world of Internet with a 4K Full Resolution PC Version which even don’t need an Emulator software to play. It Has all controls pre installed which is Powered By DirectX 12.

super mario 64
  • Super Mario 64 Fans are digging around the internet to find the game. As Nintendo Has Strict rules For the copyright violations. Fans knew this before, so the game was only available in some Private Groups. Which has only accessible Throughout the fanbase

The news of New leaked and Fan made version of mario 64 comes after when a Youtube Channel Named as Unreal Released a video on the Platform with Having Super Mario 64 Gameplay in itself.

super mario 64

In the 12 Minute video, Graphics are smoother and game looks very realistic & Harder to play than the Previous Mario games. Its more fun to play & you don’t need Higher Gaming Specs. Unreal only revealed its level 1, So Nobody knows how many levels it has.

Where to Find Mario 64, 4K For PC

As Nintendo is finding the Origin and Links to the game. The game will have a short life on internet. so Its better to give a try before its gone forever. Search for deeper through forums or Mario Fanbase for finding the Link.

super mario 64
  • Nintendo is also Releasing the game very soon but nobody knows that it will be available on PC or not. As most of the Gamers don’t use PlayStation. There are more number of PC Gamers than the PlayStation ones.

Hope Gamers can enjoy this Beautiful Fan version of Nintendo Super Mario 64 Before it will erased by Nintendo’s Team.

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