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Sony 4k Camera Image Sensors will Feature AI with Machine Learning

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Sony Has Been Launching Smart Camera’s for over years & now they are working on Sony 4k Camera AI Technology. Which can Sense the information present in front of them such as number of persons standing, Identification of faces with the Data Present in the system.

Sony 4k Camera Image Sensor, IMX500 and IMX501 will have AI Processing Chips both are 12.3 MP. They both can do light machine learning tasks

such Informing you about the Trespass in your backyard. This machine learning program is not cloud based rather they identify the object by themselves without getting any additional data from online cloud.

sony 4k camera
Sony Image Sensor AI Chip

Pre Installed AI Chips will do all the work needed. Mark Handon said that This Machine Learning AI chips based cameras could significantly more useful than we think. Both Devices can Handle AI Task by there own, So there will be Better Privacy options.

Realtime AI means that you will get Instant Notification of Alert whenever The Camera will Detect Unusual Activity Around it. For Example, If Someone is not wearing a face mask. Other camera can also track number of stocks Available in store. Or they can track and Count Customers Traffic.

These Sony 4k AI Based Image Sensors will not Replace the Traditional Cloud Based One Completely. But they can be the Future of camera’s where they can Recognize Things by There Own Without Sending Data over Cloud Servers.

Recently Amazon Also Installed some Thermal Image Cameras under their Warehouses For Capturing Early symptoms of Covid-19 in their Workers.

Sony 4k Camera with AI Machine Learning sensors could detect exactly where customers are located. If nobody is by the milk aisle, there’s no reason to flip those 3D cameras on, right?

The IMX501, which is packaged to fit onto devices like smart boards, will start shipping in June.

We can expect to see devices using the new hardware by the end of the year and throughout 2021. 

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