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Samsung Galaxy S20 Update with Camera Improvements and Security

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Major Camera Update is Now Available For Devices Running on T-Mobile and Sprint’s Network in The United States. This Update came Last week with Major Focus on Camera Improvements and Security Patches. If You Have one, then Don’t Forget to Update.

In Some Countries Update has been Already Available in

the Beginning of the month. But that was not Available to the Carrier Locked Variants in the United States.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Update

The Update will be Same for the Locked and Unlocked Versions of Galaxy S20.

Software Version, The New Samsung Galaxy S20 Update Has Close Up Zoom Feature where when the camera is moved close to an object and, when pressed, sets the zoom level to 1.5x. Once set to 1.5x zoom, it also tells you to move the phone farther away if the camera is unable to focus on the subject.

Basically, this Toggle Pop up Feature is Made for Galaxy S20 Ultra. Because it has a camera of 108MP. This Year Samsung Scored more Sales than any other Smartphone Manufacturer. Because of their New Galaxy Series.

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Recently, Apple Also Launched its 13.5 iOS Update for iPhone. Which Has Contact Tracing Feature. As People are not ready for the Update because they don’t want contact Tracing Feature in their mobile phones.

Most of the iPhone Users were Saying that Don’t Update Your iPhone. It Has Contact Tracing Feature. Samsung and Apple Both are Leading the Smartphone Market Industry in Comparison to Google and OnePlus. And For Holding Higher Position, They always Focus on New Technology and Different ways for Attracting Consumers.

As Apple iPhone was always a Game Winner for Performance and Camera. For That Samsung Introduced Snapdragon 865 5G Processor which is the Fastest one Ever and 108 MP Camera which the Largest one.

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