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Intel Buys Moovit Transit and Navigation app for $900 million

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Intel Buys Moovit a Israel based company started back in 2012 with its Transit Urban Mobility Feature. It is widely used by 800 Million users in 102 Different Countries. Moovit is not only one application which is Transit and Navigation based. We all have Google maps with number one priority.

intel moovit
  • Moovit can also be describe as a Journey planner web and application based platform. Where you can find buses, metro, subway, trains, trams, trolleybuses, ride-hailing, shared bicycle,etc.

There are also other options such as live map, and view nearby stops and stations based on their present GPS location.

intel moovit

In 2017, Intel Also Acquired Mobileye for $15.3 Billion. In current Scenario its widely used in 300 car models and more than 25 car automakers.

Mobileye and Moovit Contribution for intel

intel moovit
  • Mobileye will work with Moovit and use its Public transportation data and Traffic pattern.
  • Recently, Mobileye Launched robotaxis and Intel Claimed that by The Year of 2030 Robo Taxis will be a $150 Billion Market.

We are excited to join forces with Mobileye and lead the future revolution of new mobility services,” said Nir Erez, Moovit co-founder and CEO, in a statement.

intel moovit
  • In recent Apple is also working on the release of Macbook Pro 2020 and iPhone 12. There was also a leaked update about the macbook by a Twitter user.
  • In despite Intel is also in a race to be number one in all tech companies. For Now intel is Focussed on Autonomous Driving Solutions. Whereas Ford already postponed their Release of Autonomous driving vehicle model for upto 2022.

Lets see How Intel will move Forward with the Israel based Company Moovit. And How they Beat Google and Tesla in Comparison to Self driving and Transit Map Navigation Across the cities.

It will be interesting how Existed Users of moovit will saw this deal. Whether they like or Dislike. Because intel will carry changes by now according to their needs.

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