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How to Keep Yourself Fit and Healthy Always

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Most of the people become lazy and they forgot abut their Health Due to their Self Quarantine as They Don’t Have to go work. So Today I will Tell you the Ways to be Fit and Healthy at home with some good Diet and Exercises with Peace of Mind. ( How to Keep Yourself Fit )

Wake Up Early in The Morning

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The Hardest Part for these Days are Wake up Early in the Morning. Because People Don’t Have any work or they Don’t Know What To do in Their Free Time. Only thing they have is their Netflix List of Movies To watch all Day or Playing Some Mobile Games like PUBG and Call Of Duty.

They are So Busy in Social Media and Games that they forget to wake up early or just waste up their whole day and energy. As it will Become a habit of people Because when the lockdown period will over we all will have Lazy People around us and no one interested in any kind of hobby.

So The First Thing You Have to do is Sleep at 12 and wake up at 7. Because without proper Sleep we can’t Maintain a Healthy Body.

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Recent Studies Revealed that people who sleep only for 6 hours may reduce their immunity up to 50 percent by not giving rest to the Brain as our Body is also a Mechanical Function it also need rest. We always use it for our Benefit.

Detox Drink After Wake up

detox drink How to Keep Yourself Fit

Whole world is Fighting against the Coronavirus as well as Our Body. A detox Drink in The Morning can Develop Your Immunity Clears Your Skin, Makes you Stomach good, waist line in limits and give energy all the Day Long

Detox Drink

Ginger, Water And Lemon. Detox Drink Recipe. ( How to Perfectly Make A Detox )

Chopped small pieces of Ginger in a Cup and Boiled 2 cup of water in a Pan, Add small amount of Salt in Boiling water and Pieces of Ginger. Leave it for few minutes. Then add half tablespoon Black Pepper and Fresh Lime Juice of Half Lemon.

Leave it for few minutes, Now Refine the Drink into a Cup while extracting the Juice which we made. Now Add 1 tablespoon of Honey Into The Drink

Benefits of Detox Drink

This Detox Drink can Help In Cleaning the impurities present in our body. It must be the first thing to take early in the morning, then only after it will give perfect results, In some of the studies, It was stated that it could also reduce body weight and Problems related to Obesity. Because of the Obesity People are Always At Larger Risk From The Disease.

Home workout

workout gym

Do You Feel Lazy All the time? Maybe it because of lack of physical activities. One of the best way to train our mind is while performing physical activities. During the Home Quarantine Period we all became So Lazy. ( How to Keep Yourself Fit )

But indespite that there are people and influencers who never skipped there gym or fitness session as Cristiano Ronaldo Seen doing Cardio in his home open gym.

Home Quarantine Should not be a Excuse. Instead of that we can perform different of exercise and skills during the time period.

Shuttle And Sprint Substitute of Running

running images

100m Sprint is one of the Best Substitute of Running. It Burns the same amount of calorie, as it is in running. Whether You Run for an our or Do one HIIT Session. Both will burn Same Calories.

HIIT is more Beneficial than Marathon Because During a Sprint You didn’t loss any muscle mass. But in Running You can face reducing of fat with some muscles. So Sprint is always better than Marathon Running. But It Depends upon your interest.

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Eat Right, Focus on Diet

Diet is the main Key Towards Mental and Physical Health. As Food is the only source of Energy for our body, So we must Calculate our Micronutrients. At what amount of Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat we have taken. ( How to Keep Yourself Fit )

Pancakes How to Keep Yourself Fit

Fitness Enthusiasm Mostly Consider Low carbohydrate, And High Protein Diet where as Sport Athletes Consider more Carbohydrates. As Because they need more energy to perform there high Interval Training.

Building Muscle is not their main Aim or Focus. Instead of that they focus on their Flexibility, Speed and Endurance which plays the key role in every sport.


How to Keep Yourself Fit

One of the Best way to Calm Yourself. Calm Your Anger, Greed, Anxiety, Depression. For Every solution & for a better Mental and Physical Health, Yoga is something which can open your thinking, perception towards your surroundings. Meditation Through Yoga can Enhance Your Personality & Positive Thinking Towards your Life. ( How to Keep Yourself Fit )

Benefits of Yoga

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1. Helpful in Positive Mindset

Yoga Improves positive mindset Psychology. Negativity is one of the reason for Mood Change. We Feel Dull and Lack of Confidence Due to Negative Behavior. But Yoga Can Enhance our thinking towards positive side. We can take everything as positive.

yoga girl

2. Yoga Helps in Anxiety

Yoga Helps in Controlling Anxiety as it is one of the Basic components of depression. When you mind is calm, then you can control your emotions as anxiety. anxiety can lead into other negative emotions. instead of taking medicines for anxiety, we can solve it by Yoga.

yoga at beach

3. Improve Strength and Flexibility

Yoga Improves the flexibility of our body. it stretches out the whole muscles which results into stress relief. and help us to protect us from any physical Injuries. you can see, in lots of yoga postures, there is a sense of strength. as they cannot be performed casually. As yoga is also an Art, For body.

yoga posture How to Keep Yourself Fit

4. Boost Immune System

Yoga Helps in fighting against diseases. as our immune system protect us from bacteria and infections, even from viruses. Yoga maintain the working of our body in a sense of purification. Proper food and yoga can boost the immune system.

5. Help In Blood Circulation

yoga posture

Yoga Helps in blood Circulation, as it didn’t consist weight lifting exercises. With flexibility and right postures you can perform most of the yoga Exercises. while doing a yoga posture, it circulates the blood in every part of our body. ( How to Keep Yourself Fit )

6. Work As a Source of Motivation

Yoga is a Source of self motivation. It helps us to be motivated all the time, whatever will be the situation. indespite of that we feel confident and powerful.

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