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Google Chrome Update For Better and Extended Battery Life

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Which Browser you Use in Your Daily Life? Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari ? Well I Personally use Google Chrome and its one of the most reliable Browser in Terms of Accessing Websites. It has advantage of Desktop Mode. Because in other browser I always had problems. Either they Didn’t work with page loading or A Crash Report. You can Update your Google Chrome Browser Through

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Google Promises to Enhance Battery life of Your Mobile Phone or Laptop through their ad blocking feature. Well google is working on Blocking Unwanted Ads. Which Consume A large data due to which Battery Drains Fast.

google chrome update

In the Recent, They Announced that New Google Chrome will be Better and Fast. But What About the Feature which are still mission for Google Chrome.

  • No Low Light Feature, Google is still unable to provide this feature. You can’t manage Screen light through google chrome. You have to depend on other apps for doing this.
  • No Option for Dark mode on, Many of Browser have this Option as a Dark Mode Accessibility . At Night we Suffer From Blue Light Which may Harm Our Eyes or Vision. Many of us Use Google Chrome as Reading Articles at Night.

So it can be a Great Feature. They Still have Dark theme Mode but it doesn’t change the outcome from a website.

No Fast Downloading

Still, Past Five Years or even more we are facing this problem. How many times your Download resumed by from that point where you left. I Don’t Remember a Single one. Thats why we Use Internet Download Manager.

google chrome update

If Google will also work on these points then Google Chrome will Become the Best one in User Experience. I don’t know why they are only conscious about ad blocking. When they can also Introduce Other Feature.

Or Just they don’t know on which Part or Feature they Have to Work on. Well Update Your Google Chrome for More Battery life to Your Mobile Phone.

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