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Facebook Bought Giphy The GIF Generator Website For $400 million

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Facebook Bought Giphy The GIF Generator Website for $400 million. As Giphy was already the part of Instagram But it was completely on Their own Servers. When I used to send some of those GIF Through Instagram Inbox then I Always Thought that why it take so much time to load.

But Very Soon, Facebook will Fix That Issue Because There

will be no Redirect From Instagram to Giphy Website Servers Instead of it Giphy will Work on Facebook and Instagram Servers.

facebook Giphy

Giphy was Mostly used by Instagram and Whatsapp Users. So, Most of the Traffic was Coming from Facebook Sources. Because of that Facebook Decided for having Full Control of the GIF Making Website.

Facebook Integration with Giphy will Make Instagram Stories with more Quality and Clear Images. Remember Whenever You used any GIF Through your Instagram Stories and they automatically Transformed into a Video Story from Image one. Which of the Quality was Also poor.

For Fixing that Issue, Buying of Giphy Completely will Benefit the Instagram Community as well as Facebook.

facebook Giphy

Giphy Database will not be Changed and it will remain same. So if You ever made a GIF on Giphy then It will be Secured more than ever. They Said in a Blog Post that GIF, Stickers and Other Data will not Disappear.

Facebook Said that we have used Giphy’s API for Years, in Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and Whatsapp. Developers and Giphy Partners can still access to the API. And there will not be any Major Change on Giphy But Instead of that Main Focus will on Instagram and Facebook.

Its not the First time when Facebook Bought other Company. Apple and Facebook Both are in Practice of Buying Smaller Companies. From Instagram to Whatsapp Every Application and Website is a Part of Facebook Buying Plan.

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