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Elon Musk Said He will Move Tesla Headquarter to Nevada or Texas

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The Leading Electric Car Manufacturing Automobile Company Tesla is now Again in News Due to Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk Tweet. Its Not new when Elon Musk is on news Because of his tweets.

This Time Elon musk threatened the Alameda County for not giving permission of Reopening of Tesla Plant. Even Elon Musk Promised that He will move out his Tesla Headquarter

to Texas or Nevada.

elon musk tesla

Recently, Elon also tweeted that these all Lockdowns are against the freedom and he was seen as supporting the protestors.

Last week when Elon said that Tesla Stock Prices are too High. After that Tesla lost Several Shares and Again Elon was in News for his Tweets.

elon musk tesla

In Despite, Tesla Claimed that these tweets are of individual in nature and there was no consent of Tesla Board Members.

Tesla is keep working with china and making Investments in Chinese Factories.

Recently Tesla took up loan of $4 Billion From a Lender of China for supporting the production of Tesla Cars in Shanghai. Tesla is the first most electric car company which successfully implemented the vision of future electric cars throughout the world.

elon musk tesla

Elon Musk and Tesla

Elon Musk net worth is $39.4 Billion. People used to call him Iron Man of Real world. For his Different Mindset and Unique style of Seeing the world through his Vision. But He always stuck in between the Controversies.

Elon Was an Engineer by Profession and He was The Co Founder of Paypal, The Leading Payment Transaction Platform which he sold later on. From SpaceX, Tesla and Other new Innovative Technologies Elon was the first one to implement it through his Vision.

elon musk tesla

Volvo and Ford both are coming ahead in race of Autonomous Driving Vehicle as Volvo Launched its Polestar 2. Whereas ford is planning for 2022 for a Complete Driver less cars.

Xpeng A Chinese company is also a step behind the Tesla for Launching Electric Cars. As Recently Xpeng Launched Xpeng P7 Sedan Electric Car which can run for 704 km in one Full charge. Which is even more than the Tesla Model S.

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