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Different Types of Artificial Intelligence Technology Redefined

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Market Analysts are Predicting that an Artificial Intelligence Technology Revolution is Nearby and AI can Have a Market of $15.7 Trillion By 2030 Around the Globe. There are Different Types of Artificial Intelligence Technology which we learn later on.

From Medical Offices to our Homes AI Machines will take over every place. AI Market is Evolving at very fast pace,

Specially Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. As Humans can’t perform physical task anymore due to the Disease. In Replacement of that AI Machines are Doing the Jobs of Human Workers.

How AI Woker Or Machine Will be Helpful for The Business

Types of Artificial Intelligence

1. Less Cost

AI Machine worker will not demand any Monthly Salary from you. Instead of that they will need Maintenance and Repair which can also be done by Another machine. By Not Selling these devices at High Prices we can Secure our world more for a Pandemic like Covid-19

2. High Efficiency & Working Capability

AI Machine Workers will be More Efficient and Capable for doing work which a normal human being is unable to do. From Picking up Default Products to Reverify and Check Them.

At Present Time These Tasks are Done by Manual Work of Human Beings. Which is very Detailed work and need more time and Hard Work.

3. Less Human Presence or Workforce

Less Workforce means, Less Expenditure on Human Labour Instead of that Money will be Used on Buying New AI Devices which can run for a Longer Term

4. Safety From Pandemic like Covid-19

If We Ever Had AI Machines which can Replace the Human Work Then our Lives would be More safer than the Current Situation. As Our Workers are in Danger from The Disease Because We Don’t Have Enough AI Robots and AI Advanced Technology For Doing That Work.

We are Still Dependent on Physical Human Labour Instead of Machines. Because Before Covid-19, Nobody was interested in Artificial Intelligence Growth.

5. Management and Control while working from Home

Human Workers can Control and Manage AI machines from Their Home By keeping themselves on a safer side.

6. Fast Processing and Better Indepth Knowledge with Sensors

AI Machines will use Sensors and Image Processing Data with Physical Abilities which can Replace the Working Nature of Human Workers.

Drawbacks –

1. Chance of Malfunctioning

There can be a Chance of Malfunctioning if The AI Machines will not be Controlled by A Specialist.

2. Need Human Oversight

AI must be Controlled by Human Beings with their parallel support. Here is Another Article on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems Still Need Human Oversight.

Types of Artificial Intelligence Technology Redefined

Machine Learning

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning is a Branch of Artificial Intelligence that empowers the Computers to Learn Data by themselves without Any Human Intervention. Extracting Patterns and while Giving Favourable Results.

Facebook is one the Company which Is Workin on AI since last Five Years. From Making a Real AI Iron Man Jarvis to a Robot which can Learn By Itself. Facebook is Leading in The Field of Machine Learning.

Where Tesla and SpaceX Founder Elon Musk is Also in a Race of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Where He Introduced some of his Start up Companies in Relation to the AI System.

Machine Learning Examples

Types of Artificial Intelligence

1. Data Analysis

Machine Learning Systems can Read and Access the Data Present in the Organization and Modified them Accordingly for a Better Result. For Which You Don’t need to hire a Human for Doing Manual Work.

Automated Algorithm System can Predict the Favorable Outcome for which user is in need. Machine Learning Technology can be Advanced over time through Data it Ingests into it’s System for Processing.

2. Fraud Detection

Machine Learning can Identify Fraud Detection. If it Found any Inappropriate Activity or Which breaks the chain of Sequence within the Working then it may detect Fraud.

3. GPS Based Prediction

Automated Algorithms are used to find patterns in the data that correspond to frequent locations in which GPS tracking devices are typically located

4. Target Marketing Campaigns

AI and machine learning are helping marketers target their ads more effectively. Right now, your ads might be great, but they can’t be effective if they aren’t being seen by the right audiences. With the help of AI, you can make sure your target audience is reached.

Deep Learning

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning is a Subset of AI and Deep Learning is a Subset of Machine Learning. Deep Learning is a Sub Part Under Different Types of Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning is a Branch of AI and Machine Learning which Deals with Closely mimic the Human Mind

In this Type or Artificial Intelligence Technology, Computers Analyze the Problems at Multi Layers as an Attempt to Solve them as A Real Human Mind Do.

In Deep Learning, Visual Images, Different Languages, Face Identification and Human Behavior Study are used as major Components.


1. Amazon and Netflix

Streaming Services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix uses Deep Learning for Identify the Behavior of their Users while they are watching any series or Adding Favorite movies to their list. Or how many times a User watched a Particular Movie. All these Data are Recorded and Used Through Machine Learning.

2. Google Voice & Google Keyboard Suggestions

Google Assistant Voice or Even Google Suggestion Keyboard uses Deep Learning as Everything You write on your Google Keyboard it keeps a record of it and suggest a similar word which you used very frequently after a specific word in Series.

3. Image Recognition Algorithm

Image Recognition System Also works on Deep Learning Concept where it reads the data, image type, modification, and other data related with the file and while scanning the virtual image with the database for describing the person identification.

Computer Vision

Company Vision

It is a sub part of AI Technology, In which Computer Vision Helps Machines to Identify and Classify the other objects. And Then to react on what they See. Computer Vision is one of the Sub Part of Different Types of Artificial Intelligence.

According to SAS, Computer Vision is the field of artificial intelligence that trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world

Computer Vision can view and Interpret the Visual World in a Same way as we do with our eyes. Or In Future, They may calculate the Air Quality and Temperature. Computer Visor Tools are Effective in Identification of Images and Visual Patterns.

These Visual Sensing Devices can sense the Images and Virtual world at a speed of which Human Eyes Can’t. Recently Airbus Introduced AI Sensor Devices which can Smell Explosives and Diseases.

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