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Den Of Thieves 2 Release, Where is the Sequel ?

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There are Reports about a Sequel of Den Of Thieves also in the beginning of 2020. But still there are no Official release about the Den of Thieves 2. No Official dates were given by the production house.

Everyone wants a Sequel of Den of Thieves After the Film comes out as a Big Hit on Netflix. But the Production was not taking the sequel seriously which results for now into excuses.

den of Thieves 2
  • In 2018 Den Of Thieves was Officially released with a success of $80 million on Box office. Gerard Butler ( 300 Movie Fame Actor ) Generally known as Leader of Spartans. Comes out with a role of a Sheriff in the movie as Nicholas “Big Nick” O’Brien, a detective for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.
  • Gerard Butler is one of the finest Actor in the Hollywood Industry From 300 to Olympus Has Fallen. Everyone is a Fan of Butler. But from past few years he was not into Movies. But Instead of that he focused more on his personal life.

Gudegast as the director of the film made it as authentic as possible, using sources from the LAPD, the military, and a former leader of the Hell’s Angels.

Den of Thieves 2

Storyline of The Film

Big Nick will chase after Donnie, who’s now associated with the Pink Panther Mafia, an international network of jewel thieves. 

You may Find Locations across Europe in the movie. Because There are scenes where big nick will chase an secret organisation across the Europe.

Den of Thieves 2

Den of Thieves 2 Release Date

In 2019, Gudegast said that he had the story line covered for the film. The Only Thing which left was the Screenplay. Initially part 2 was named as Den of Thieves 2: Pantera but later on there was no news with related to the sequel.

There was rumors that Film Started its Production back in 2019. If these rumors are true then it may be Launch by end of 2020.

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