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Complete Wireless Charging of Smartphones, Now Possible with NFC

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Everyone ever thought about a wireless charging idea but the first one to implement this idea is NFC Forum. It is a Global Company for setting up the global standard for Near Field Communication Devices.

NFC Introduces Wireless Charging Specification as a Technology to Charge Small Devices wirelessly with upto 1 watt of Power which is enough to charge earbuds, Smartphones and other small Devices.

wireless charging

Samsung was the only leading company which used wireless charging into their Smartphones. But that was not Completely Based on Near Field Communication.

Wireless Charging Specification Technology can Change the Future of Charging of our Devices. And In Future we can see pre installed NFC Feature or a Chip Attached to our headset, smartphone, smartwatch.

What is Near Field Communication ?

wireless charging
  • It is a Set of Communication Protocols which help two devices to communicate from a particular Distance.
  • NFC Devices can perform as a Electronic Identifying Document or as a Key card. They are also Installed under Smartphones for using up the swipe machine through Smartphones.

In Most of the places this NFC technology replaces the use of Credit cards or other electronic chip based cards.

wireless charging

in 2014, Apple also added NFC Transfer into their Smartphones Through iPhone 6 by an apple store application Apple Pay.

NFC Wireless Charging is a Way for Eliminating Chords and Cables. A User can charge his phone without any Cable as the charger and smartphone both will have a antenna for transmitting the Power Signals.

Apple is a Sponsor group of NFC Forum, So Basically we can see wireless charging Devices to be directly come from apple. Into the next iPhone or AirPods or an Apple Watch.

Still there is no leaks Available that this feature will come in iPhone 12 or not. There are leaks on Twitter about the New Apple Macbook Pro 2020.

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