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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems Still Need Human Oversight

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Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Our Working Environment Has Changed. We are using AI more than Ever. But There are Also Drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning if they are not done with an oversight of Humans.

We Feed Data in a System and Expect it to Make Assumptions According to it. But We can’t let go everything on AI

Because Sometimes their output will wrong and they can cause serious Loss or Injury.

Artificial Intelligence

For Example, Data Management. If AI Misuses Data Management then these Databases can be Stolen or Used in a Bad Manner. As Lots of Research’s are Going on Covid-19 Pandemic.

But What will be the Outcome if The Database will be Stolen and Forwarded with Wrong Information into the Health Sector. It can cause serious loss to the business as well as, Life of people in Danger.


Take an Example of Self Driving Cars, When this concept was Arise we all know that accidents might happen in future Through Self Driving Cars. For as Safety Precaution, A Real Driver will always have control over the AI Based Car Because Sometimes,Due to Malfunctioning only a Real Driver can Control the Car.

Artificial Intelligence

Currently we are not Depend on Artificial Intelligence But Whenever we will. We Always must Have an Oversight over Them.

Take Example of Tesla Accidents where Driver was not Aware and Car was on Self Driving. Believing on a Machine is a Good Part But Not Controlling it is a Bad one.

Artificial Intelligence

AI can Lower the Workforce, For Example where there is a need of Hundred People Afterwards there may be one will enough.

We can’t Risk Our Life and Mankind over Artificial Intelligence. Information can be Misused and Even AI Systems Can be Hacked. Instead of AI we must focus on Cyber Security.

I am in a Favour of Virtual Reality. Instead of Full Artificial Intelligence. If we may Create a Virtual Reality Where we all can connected and manually Transfer Data. Into that World.

There was also Studies Going on For Brain Mapping. It was a Concept generally for Mapping the User or Human Being Mind into a Computer. Our Current Technology can’t fullfil this concept.

Artificial Intelligence

Because Still we don’t know the Human Brain Mechanism Completely. Even we don’t know about our Dream In itself. We also works on Assumptions but our Assumptions are Based on the Reality.

Artificial Intelligence Assumptions

Assumptions are Based on Codes. But If a Machine can not read it or understand it then how they gonna react will be the main Issue.

There is a Difference between Artificial Intelligence Assumption and Human Beings Assumptions.

AI Assumptions are feeded by Human Beings and they can not Identify the Consequences. But Our Brain Can Sense Predictions on the Basis of Assumptions.

So First We Have to Focus on Machine Learning Prediction Rather than Just on Assumptions. If We can not find the Difference Between a Assumption and Prediction. Then AI can not be Successful in Future.

We All think that Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant are AI. They are not. They are just Based on Commands. Nothing is Fully AI. Everything is Just Based on a Result for a Particular Happening.

Our Brain Can Have Billions of Results for Billions of Happenings. But How Far This AI Technology Can Go ? With Just Few Simple Coding and There Outcomes.

Series & Sequence

By Forming a Series or Sequence doesn’t make it Artificial Intelligence. Collecting Data and Making into a Series whenever a Particular Similar Happening occurred with an Assumed Outcome.

Its Not the Way our Mind Works. AI can only be Successful when it is Controlled by Humans and Independent in Nature as same as our Brain.

Only when both these things are present. Then we Can conclude a Future with AI Based. We have to Learn that Virtual Reality is Not Just for Games.

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