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Apple Watch Series 6 May Help You in Anxiety, Leaks

Watch series 6
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Recently, Apple Watch Series Completed their 5 Years of Journey. And Now we have recent leaks of apple Watch Series 6 which may hit the market very soon or in anytime. This Time Apple Added Health Concious Features in their Watch Series.

Leaks were Given by a YouTuber Nikias Molina on Her Twitter Account and Subsequently Confirmed by Prolific Leaker Jon Prosser.

Features :

  • Apple is Developing Watch Series 6 which is Powered by a S6 Chipset and A Complete Mental Health Tracking Device as it can measure blood oxygenation & the oxygen saturation level of your blood.
  • It may help in Insomnia, As a Sleep Tracking Feature will also be added by Apple. It will be a part or current heart rate monitoring Feature.
  • Sleep tracking will require more battery as most of the people Charge their Smart Watch at night. In previous apple Watches there was 16 hours of standby time in a Full Charge.
  • There may be a Feature as Mental Health Abnormalities Detection which may work through Sensors. Apple would require FDA approval for Pulse Oximeter Feature.
  • If we Talk about Major Depression, Then this mental disease is not new in United States. As An estimated 17.3 million adults in the United States had at least one major depressive episode throughout their life.
  • Pulse oximeter would support SPO2 monitoring in the Apple Watch 6, letting users know when their blood oxygen falls below a certain concentration.
  • Pulse Oximeter is widely used in Medical Field for detecting breathing abnormalities during Sleep and for finding diseases such as Pnuemonia , Hypoxia.

Also Other Mental Features such as Stress level Monitoring. Where you can Measure your stress level throughout the day. Watch Series 6 will be a tool for mental health more than just a smart watch.

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