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Apple New Macbook Pro 2020 Leaks Updated, Bigger Screen Size & Specs

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Covid-19 has changed many things but only one thing which remained same yet is Apple Releasing New Products. As Apple Already Launched its iPhone SE 2 in Between the Covid-19 Lockdown. Now The Leading Manufacturer of Smartphones and Laptop is working on Its New Macbook Pro 2020. Where the Macbook Pro 2020 leaks are comes out on Twitter.

Twitter User @_rogame published a 3DMark benchmarks on His Account Yesterday.

Macbook Pro 2020 leaks
Source Twitter @_rogame Account
Macbook Pro 2020 leaks
Benchmark Result

Updated Specs of Macbook Pro 2020 –

Here is the Quick Updated Specs :

  • 32GB of RAM
  • 2/4TB SSD
  • i7-1068NG7 processor

i7-1068NG7 processor is a 10th-gen Intel Ice Lake-U Chipset, Not Officially Confirmed by Apple. But it will Enhance the Performance of Macbook Pro upto a Certain Level.

Macbook Pro 2020 leaks
  • Current Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch is Priced For $1649 on Amazon. Macbook Pro 2020 Leaks and Specification can give a rough idea about its price. New Macbook pro will cost you around $3,000. But in Future apple may also Introduce a Cheaper one with i5 processor with an affordable rate.
  • Its not the first time apple increase the screen size they also done the same thing with Apple iPhone 11 Max Pro which has a screen size of 6.5 inch Super Retina XDR display – the brightest iPhone display yet with A13 Bionic Chipset.
Macbook Pro 2020 leaks
  • There are also Rumors about the new iPhone 12 that it will come out as a 6.7 inch Screen Device as the Largest one till yet by the Apple.
  • One of the major change in New Macbook Pro 2020 would be its Screen Size. Apple may offer 14 inch Screen into their old MacBook pro.
  • There is also a rumors about the Magic Keyboard which is recently Launched by Apple.

Let’s See How Apple New Macbook Pro 2020 will perform in Laptop market.
We Already seen the Biggest Decline Ever in the History of Smartphone Sales By This Year.

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