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Apple iOS Update 13.5 with Face ID and Covid-19 Contact Tracing Feature

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Today, Apple Released iOS 13.5 update for iPhone & iPads. It will Include Improvements such as Bug Fixes, Face id Working While Wearing a Face Mask with Covid-19 Contact Tracing Feature by Help of Official App.

You can Install the Update Right now by going to Settings > General > Software Update and following the prompts. 

class="wp-block-image size-large">Apple iOS Update 13.5

It will be Helpful when Face id Will not be able to unlock the phone then pass code notification will pop up. This Feature is added by Apple Due to Covid-19.

This Change is very crucial Specially when you are in Public wearing a Face Mask and Your iPhone Denies Access without Face id.

There is also a Feature added under the Latest Apple iOS 13.5 Update. This one is a part of Apple and Google Partnership in Relation to the Contact Tracing API build up for Health Officials for Fighting Against the Spread of Covid-19.

Apple iOS Update 13.5

It gives you the additional Information about the person of whom you have made contact with in last 14 days. If He was tested Positive within that Time Frame.

You can Access the Feature Under in Settings > Privacy > Health > COVID-19 Exposure Logging. This Feature will Remain off until You Install an Official app for Contact Tracing.

Apple iOS Update 13.5

In Some Countries Contact Tracing apps are Imposed in form of law. But in United States there is no Mandatory Rules Regarding The Installation of any particular act of contact Tracing Because People Don’t want to share Their Privacy and They Think that it is against of it.

In Australia, there was a Contact Tracing app was Launched by the government as CovidSafe. But it was a Voluntary app and you are not Forced to install. They also said that the data will only be shared with the health Officials. And after the Purpose of the Application Fulfilled. They will delete the rest of Data.

What You Think About the Contact Tracing Apps ? Share Your Thoughts in Comments.

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