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Apple Buys Machine Learning Company Inductiv for Data Used in Siri

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In Past Few Years, Apple Bought Numerous of Artificial Intelligence Technologies . And Now Apple Bought Inductiv, a Machine Learning Start up Company, For Improving their User Based Data for Siri.

Recently, The Ontario Based Inductiv Joined Apple for working on Siri, Machine Learning and Data Science. And After that Apple Made a Decision of Buying it.

has-custom-lineheight">From time to time whenever apple Bought a new start up. They Have never revealed their future plans.

Inductiv is an Artificial Intelligence Based Start up company which works on Identifying and correcting the errors in data without any human intervention. For Machine Learning Development, There must be a Clean Data Without errors. Because Error may lead into Malfunctioning.

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John Giannandrea, the Apple executive in charge of Siri and machine learning, has been upgrading the underlying technology that goes into the Siri digital assistant and other AI-powered products from the company.

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Inductiv was co founded by the participation of some Machine Learning professors from Different Universities as Waterloo, Wisconsin, Stanford and Madison University.

The professor from Stanford, Christopher Ré, previously co-founded another AI company, Lattice Data, that was bought by Apple in 2017.

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It’s Not New When Apple Bought an AI Company, There are many in the list such as, Tuplejump, Laserlike, Turi and Perceptio.

In 2020, Apple already Bought three Start up companies, such as Voysis for Speech Recognition, NextVR for Virtual Reality and Dark Sky For Weather App Improvements.

Apple Future Plans are Clear, They are More focussed on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and Maybe Soon we can See ourself for literally Talking with our iPhones As We Seen in a Movie Named as ‘Her’.

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