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Airbus to use Sensor Devices which can Smell Explosives and Diseases

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Airbus is going to introduce a New Technology which can detect Explosives and Diseases by Sniffing through Living Biological Cells.

It’s a jelly fish like shaped Devices which can detect viruses, and molecules present in the air within 10 Seconds.

airbus sensor devices
  • It will be helpful in detecting viruses such as coronavirus because till now we don’t have a technology which can detect Coronavirus effectively. Still we are using Thermal Image devices and Digital Thermometer for detection of the Covid-19.
  • Koniku A neurotech start up company from California developed these devices for enhancing airport security. They Also Claimed that there devices can sense early symptoms of cancer. Just by smelling the breath of the patient.
airbus sensor devices
  • Airbus Said that the company was associated with koniku since 2017. Koniko Has only 20 employees in their company with 5.5 million worth.

Koniku said that Hek Cells, astrocytes, and brain cells will be used under the devices where they have modified into olfactory receptors.

airbus sensor devices
  • In Future this technology may be installed under consumer Devices such as Smartphones. And people can easily detect diseases right through their mobile phone.
  • Koniku is the only company in world which is using this type of technology. It will comes out as a life saving step towards human life. If everyone will take it seriously & help koniku in their vision.
airbus sensor devices
  • Then we can detect many diseases in their initial phase. And Treat them Effective right from the Start.
  • There will be a challenge in front of airbus as These devices contain living biological cells which has a limited life span. So the question arises that how long they will work and when they have to be changed. Or How Airbus will Maintain them.

These Questions are still remain unaswered by Airbus. But Somehow It’s a good & unique technology which can make our life more safer.

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