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10 Best Popular Netflix Movies to Watch Right Now 27 May

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Here is Our 10 Best Popular Movies on Netflix ‘May’ Addition. If you don’t know from which movie to start your streaming Experience on Netflix. Then We Have Top 10 Movies Suggestions For You.

From Extraction to Uncut gems This Top 10 List is Based on Most Trending Movies on Netflix for the month of May.

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You can Start with Extraction, As it becomes the Highest Grossing movie on Netflix. And Of course It is one of the Finest work Performed by Chris Hemsworth aka Thor of Avengers.

There is no VFX or CGI used under the Extraction movie. Every Sequence is Real and there is no Green Screen used. Most of the Actions in the movie are Performed by Chris by Himself.

As the Director of Extraction was also a Stunt Coordinator. Which Helped a lot in filming the Extraction.

After finishing Extraction, Chris Hemsworth was seen working on his Health Business Centr. It’s now new when a celebrity chooses a side business for hustle. As we have seen The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson for Promoting His Alcohol Based Business.

10 Best Popular Netflix Movies to Watch Right Now

10. “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa”

9. “The Willoughbys” (Netflix Film)

8. “Extraction” (Netflix Film)

7. “Public Enemies”

6. “Despicable Me”

5. “Soul Surfer”

4. “The Wrong Missy” (Netflix Film)

3. “Just Go With It”

2. “The Lovebirds” (Netflix Film)

1. “Uncut Gems”



10 Best Popular Netflix Movies to Watch Right Now

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