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Netflix Screen Lock Feature, Makes Life Better

Netflix Screen
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Netflix Screen Lock Feature, Makes Life Better

We always Suffer from Accidental Touch on Other button which may forward, Skip or even Exit from Netflix Application. ( Netflix Screen )

But Now Netflix added a ‘Screen lock’ Feature So Now, Double Tab on Screen or Touch the ‘Screen lock’ Feature and Other Buttons will Disappear. Or to Turn off the Feature, Again Double tap on screen.

Simple, You don’t have to Worry now. Just Lock your Netflix Screen and Watch the whole Episode or movie without any worry of Exit, Forward, Next.

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Netflix is one of The most Popular Streaming Platform. And Everyone Loves it whenever they are bored. Its like the Only Support for mood Swings, Bad day or When we are Completely Alone.

Your Life must Have Netflix & You can Forget the Rest. And Watch Fantasies, Animated, Horror, Mysteries and Everything which you ever wanted.

This Feature can be Game changer. Because Even I suffered from this Thing. So I must say that a good update. Every Video Player Had this Option but Thanks to Netflix That Finally they Introduced Something which is Worth it.

Share Your Thoughts about the Feature. You Found it helpful? or Not. And Please Update Your Netflix Application to Get ‘Screen lock’ Feature.

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