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Netflix Documentaries Are Free on Youtube Due to Covid-19

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Netflix a Premium Application and Website where people can watch movies with A Monthly or Yearly Subscriptions. But now Netflix is offering Free Documentaries On YouTube. For Students and teacher for Providing Free access to Education.

As there are also False Information about Netflix that it gave Free subscriptions till the Coronavirus. Their is Free Subscription which can only be avail Through a credit card as a 30 Day Trial.

But there is No Complete Free Subscription or without Any Credit Card. There are other Streaming Services which are Absolutely Free such As Hulu.

Today Netflix is the most Famous Movie and TV shows Streaming Application. Here is the Eleven Documentaries available on YouTube by Netflix

  1. 13th,
  2. Abstract,
  3. Babies,
  4. Chasing Coral
  5. Explained
  6. Knock Down the House
  7. Our Planet
  8. Period.
  9. End of a Sentence
  10. The White Helmets
  11.  and Zion

Each title also has educational resources available, which can be used by both students and teachers

A couple of the documentaries focus on nature. others center on social issues, including poverty, racism, and systemic injustices

It normally allows teachers to access and stream its documentaries in classrooms for various teachings, but since schools are closed right now, the company is bringing those documentaries to YouTube

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