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Covid-19 Test Centers Tab in Google Search

Google Covid-19
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Now Google is Listing Covid-19 Test Centers in Their Google Search Results. As a Awareness Campaign, So that people can search and find out the Nearest Center Available.

Google Searches Related to Coronavirus, will Show Results of upto 2,000 Test Centers across 43 States in US.

When you click or tap that Testing tab, you’ll see a number of resources regarding COVID-19 testing at the top of your search results. Those include: a link to the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC).

There are four Options Provided by Google as –

  1. Complete The CDC Self-Checker
  2. Talk to a Healthcare Provider
  3. Follow Local Health Authority Guidance
  4. Call Ahead to Confirm

Google is not only company which is showing additional information in their search. Last week Apple also Launched a website for medical staff who have been fighting against Covid-19 regularly.

For Now US is Focusing on Heavy Testing for Coronavirus Because Its not just a common Flu but it has symptoms of common Flu.

So If You Find Your Symptoms As Dry Cough, High Fever, Shortness of Breath Then You should Search your Nearby Testing Centers and test Yourself Because There is Always Hope.

Doctors are Also Giving Plasma to the Patients from the over immune Persons Body as it showed good results. And There is also a medicine Named as Remdesivir Drug which is Helpful in Treatment of Covid-19.

As Now the Only Way to stop the Pandemic is by Testing and Making Medicines which could somehow help in treatment of Covid-19.

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