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Apple Update for Battery Health Management Macbook

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Apple Update Battery Health Management Feature

During The Corona Pandemic Everyone needs their Laptop for surfing and for watching movies specially on Netflix.

For self Quarantine its one of the Basic Essential need, As we can’t live without these. Because we are so much dependent on them for Everything.

From Games to Study we do everything on our Laptop and phone so its essential to take care of it Always. From Sanitizing it to Charging it for reuse.

We Always Face Quick Battery Drainage while using our Mobiles or Laptops. And its the major issue for carrying other Extra supports. Because Small Batteries are Given by the Manufacturers which doesn’t give maximum output. And its a Problem for many of us, Always.

Apple Clarified that By charging Laptop or Mobile Phone upto 100 percent, shortage the total lifespan of battery of that device. As most of the people think that 100 percent battery indicator is good for the Battery Health, but thats not True.

For solving That Problem. Apple Update its New Feature as Apple Battery Health Management in Their New Macbooks and Macbook Newer than 2016. This Feature Helps users by maximizing the output of the battery for better consumption Results.

Apple Update Battery Health Management can Also Extend the Lifespan of Batteries. Because it Provide the right amount of charging to the battery. So it it does not cause any Fluctuation. It helps when user leave out his laptop for charging over a night time.

This Feature will apply to any MacBook that supports Thunderbolt 3. That includes any MacBook Pro since 2016 and MacBook Air models since 2018

So Next time you Charge Your Mobile or Laptop, then Don’t let it be for longer time. Because it Decreases the Lifespan of Battery By Overcharging it.

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